Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is Nouveau Riche University a Scam?

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On my previous post, I've informed you a Real Estate Investment Collage named "Nouveau Riche University" where it's one of the best place to continue your study at University. Well today I wanted to share interesting topic according it, Nouveau Riche scam. Curious? Follow me... ;)

Maybe some of us still concern to continue study at real estate investment field. You see guyz, nowadays crime is everywhere. And now it isn't hard to find news about Nouveau Riche Scam. Huh, really? You see, some people realize that graduated students from NRU will be rich sounds good to be true while another graduated students have difficulties to get a job / being rich with their own ability, you can see this article about that rumor. Now the question is, is it real opportunity or just a scam? Find out the answer on this and this article. ;)

One of the most effective way to acknowledge the truth of rumor "Nouveau Riche Scam" is, ask the alumni students of NRU. Actually NRU's students have a blog named Nouveaurized. It's where we can find how NRU's students quit their day jobs and have closed on numerous properties to created wealth and provide proof that Nouveau Riche is NOT a SCAM.

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