Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Real Estate Investment Collage

Hai, hai semua... What's up? Wuh, I've been busy to maintain my other blogs so I think I should come back to update this blog. By the way, Do you ever heard about real estate investment collage? Yeah, I think it's not so difficult anymore to find real estate investment collage nowadays. But yeah, of course most of them located outside Indonesia. :) You see, the answer for the best place to get rich is on real estate. So if you want to get your dream, just consider your study at real estate collage or such program.

Today I found Nouveau Riche Collage, it's where you can study in real estate investment field. They are located in Arizona, USA. It's founded by Jim Piccolo, Marry Piccolo, and Bob Snyder. They had been teaching the entrepreneurs how to create wealth through real estate. This collage enables students to select courses within various curriculum paths. On Nouveau Riche we are teached all aspects of real estate investment concepts and strategies, understand the advantage and disadvantage of several short-term and long-term real estate investment strategies. Want to know the curriculum, simply click here. ;) They also provide home study!!

Good news guyz, there is full service accounting firms directly give for Nouveau Riche community members... So, let's graduate riche, ;) !!!

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