Tuesday, November 20, 2007


By: Dewy Azura

I have been love you by through of my life
I never ever care about what happened in your life
I always remember you in my mind
Although we’ve been separated for years
I really expect that I would be back to you

I really regret that I must leave you
And I really fooled to refuse you
When you tell me that you love me
Even you tell it through your sister
But that’s ok, that’s great
Even it’s sucks for me
That nobody that I love declare it
Straight for me, but you are different
At least I know what you are feeling

Now I really wanna back to you
See how your face looks like now
Even I don’t who is that lucky to own you
I really wanna hear something about you
That I will really never ever know
To when time will go through
Seems everything ok
And I would be never mind…

I walk alone in Empty Street
On the boulevard of my broken dream
Lead to such an ordinary life
Sometimes I wish someone out there would find me
And set me free from all of this

We stand alone and now it’s gone
Coz only by a distant
It’s hard for me to that you’ll be…
I just thinking of you, always!


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mekurukito said...

hi, I'm from mylot :) ..just visiting your blog and wanna say hi ^___^